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Chungju’s foreigner bars

For foreigner’s of chungju city enjoy!

Salt City Girl

Where do the waygukins gather in this tiny city? Considering the few searches for “Chungju foreigner bars” at least a couple of people are looking. Here’s a lit of the bars where I’ve had consistent waygook sightings, sometimes of foreigners I don’t even know.

1. Dangerous

This dive in Shinae tries exceptionally hard to be much more Western than Korean. Although most foreigners agree it’s a shit hole, we just can’t seem to stop getting bombed here. They have darts, tequila and whiskey by the bottle. The staff is friendly and English-proficient. However keep a close eye on your tab, there’s been more than one incident of over-priced bills at the end of the night. Expect to pay anywhere from 7,000 won to 150,000 won for a night out here.

Directions: Take a taxi or walk to TTC (the movie theater) in Shinae. From TTC walk a few blocks north…

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